Gideon ministry

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Gideon service in prisons and houses for aged.

«Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me» (Mat. 25, 36).

Savior Jesus Christ has told that it is necessary for us to make mercy affairs that through it we can glorify God.

Brothers and sisters bearing given service, visit a house for aged in village Vereskunovo of Udomlya area. They tell to older persons being there about the God’s love. For Christmas holidays we try to give everyone a small gift.

Also we visit a prison the Vasilevsky Mokh near Tver. There the group of believers which have come to God in jail already gathers. God has radically changed their hearts. These people have completely got free from evil and after jail delivery wish to work in glory of God.


The senior of group of believers-prisoners, the former addict Yury Nechaev. The Lord has changed his life, has released it from a drug dependence and other harmful defects.

We are grateful to administration of a colony which promotes this service. On-possibility we render them the humanitarian help.

We also want to thank Boris Tcherkasov for material aid constantly rendered to us for this service.

If you wish to render the feasible help for service of "Gideon", you can list means for our settlement account with a mark «On service to" Gideon »», or address directly in church.