Svetlana Malova

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The concert of Svetlana Malova has passed in Nizhni Novgorod.

The videorecording of this concert is presented here:

Website of Svetlana Malova:

Svetlana says about herself:

I was the person who didn't deny God, but also didn't accept Him. It seemed to me that the belief in God is for old men, it is boring. But actually it is not so. If we live with God, then life brings confidence of tomorrow, gives rest which doesn't depend on external circumstances. Now I feel every day presence of God in my life and it is very valuable to me. The Lord gave to me gift to compose music and to sing. In these songs I want to open God to you as He has opened to me. We are created to live with God. Don't wait, when you will become the best to come to Him. Go to the Lord, He accepts you such what you are with all lacks. There are no such sins which God couldn't forgive you. Only He can help to resolve to you any problems, and it is necessary for you to ask Him about it. Believe, God loves you, He wishes your salvation! And if you want, that your life became another, simply tell now: "My God, change my life! How it will be better for me". Speak with Jesus every day and you will see changes in your life. I pray for you, and may God bless you!


02. Russia

03. Holy Spirit

04. Music flows in soul as the river

05. Look into the children's eyes